General Admission

Concession / Price List

Food availablity and pricing subject to change.

Some Friendly Rules

Everyone has rules, and here are ours...

  • Sorry no outside food or drink.  We have a good food and drink selection at fair prices in house.
  • No  horse play, running, profanity allowed.  Such misconduct will result in removal from our center. No credit or refund will be given. We are a family fun center after all...
  • If there are lines at games, please take turns.  Everyone wants to play!
  • So your a winner at Mortal Kombat? You stay, loser allows the next to play.
  • Please supervise you children in all areas.  We want everyone to have a safe and fun experiance.
  • No abusing our games or fun center.  We would not trash your house, please do not trash ours!
  • No food or drinks on arcade games or pool tables.  We have provided tables and cup holders throughout the center.
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen goods. Sorry, but we cant be everywhere all the time!
  • Alcohol is not permited on premises, only exception is on BYOB nights. 6 pack limit on BYOB per person.
  • Playing Glow Golf? Play in order of holes marked. 5 stroke max per hole. Small children must play with an adult. If your not playing, your not staying in the golf area, be curtious to others playing. No disruption or line cutting. Do not move or mess with obstacles. Putt only, no large swings. Last hold locks ball. Please return putters when done.
  • And the last and most important rule....  HAVE FUN

Play Port Rules

Play Port Rules